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Our Clients Watching The Lessons

Why have a daily lessons for your techs?

Each day your techs represent your company on site unsupervised. Do you train them how you expect them to act with your clients, how to communicate the details of the job to your client the way you want? When you train your techs technically do you go over the details and process of handling a challenging client? Do you explain the things that make a good impression and the things that do not, the theater of business?
Can we agree that the interacting skills with your clients are important? I had a cleaning and restoration business for 10 years and I know these soft skills are invaluable. (continue here)


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Are Your
Techs Hacks?

Are your guys Hacks?

5 Things To Make A Good Impression

Confidence Skills Developed To Sell On Site

monthly subscription




normally $157 /month
  • Recurring monthly payment - cancel anytime in just two clicks
  • Keep this low price for as long as you remain a member

What People Are Saying

Are Your
Techs Hacks?

Are your guys Hacks?

5 Things To Make A Good Impression

Confidence Skills Developed To Sell On Site

Our Story - Please watch

Jack Harris / 

Best Plumbing, Heating and Cooling

"We are becoming one of your fellas biggest fans! Since we have signed up we have not missed a morning meeting. I set them up, prep the evening before, have the emails sent out and lead a short discussion after the lesson. It's a great start to everyone's morning."

We visit our clients.  Have an on-site Tech Whispering Lesson at your shop!

We love our clients and have a great time visiting with them. Janssen's Certified Floor & Fabric Care is a great company with a great team. They are great friends also.

Why Eric and Larry started  Super Tech University

Eric and Larry started having a consistent tech meeting years ago in their restoration and carpet cleaning blue collar company. They went over current problems the techs where having and Eric presented "why" the problems should be avoided. These daily 10 minute meetings followed by a short 5 minute group discussion got the team involved and engaged.

The results were amazing. The call backs went down by 20%, the amount of accidents went down by hundreds of dollars monthly, and the complaints vere reduced substantially. The amount of online positive reviews went up 10 per month, the repeat calls went up 20%, the referrals went up 25%. This did not happen overnight but the wait was worth the reward. Explaining the "why" consistently worked!

Then, when the team was doing great, Larry decided to stop the meetings because, "the techs knew what to do. There was a cost involved in the meetings!" Well that did not work because the problems returned, fast. A mutiny happened. The techs enjoyed the meetings, the lessons, and the rhythm of meeting each morning. The meetings created culture!!

The meetings created a happy team. Eric made the meetings into lessons for the techs. The techs talked about the lessons during the day, they were learning and liked it! Morale increased, turnover decreased and the techs enjoyed coming to work! Eric and Larry enjoyed coming to work too!!

Eric and Larry sold their service business and realized the morning tech meeting was the game changer in their success. Utilizing the Super Tech University system consistently in your service companies will create the same results for you.

3 Step Owner Freedom Formula

Step 1: Owner Buy-In

No real change in a business occurs until the owner "owns" the problem You must buy-in to the belief that what causes owners the most pain and anguish is their company culture and the need to train the team on both technical and soft skills to create the company they always dreamed of owning.

Step 2: Team Training

Once the owner has committed to real change, all they have to do is have all team members watch Eric's morning video lessons everyday. It will speed the process if the team has a quick discussion after the video and uses examples from your jobs to illustrate the points in the videos. If more training is needed for field supervisors and managers, subscribing to Eric's John Maxwell Leadership training video series will be helpful for that level of team member.

Step 3: Everyone Wins

Once the system has been implemented for a period of time and the company's technicians are moving up the MTM Success Path Ladder, the culture and buy-in will change dramatically for the better. The team will be more engaged, the clients will be happy due to better service, and the owner will be needed less often for putting out fires and will be happy with a more profitable and less stress.


When you become a member you will receive a daily 6-8 minute video broadcast for you and your team. The meeting will be presented by Eric "The Tech Whisperer" Sprague, a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach. Each lesson is geared toward businesses that send technicians into homes and businesses to perform work. These lessons help prepare your technicians in the "soft skills" of business that are often stumbling blocks for technicians, such as: communicating with the clients, in-home behavior, how to properly perform add-on sales, the theater of a service business, how to get good online reviews, and much more.

Well trained technicians = happy owners

All you need is a TV, a computer, a laptop, or even a smartphone to play the daily lessons. The system is to show the daily lesson video and then take a few minutes to discuss with your team how the lesson affects the tech's day. These discussions give the team a sense of buy-in: they build awesome company culture, they show the techs that you are investing in them, and ultimately, they make your life and business better. You will actually enjoy going to work again each day.

You pay less than $5 per day and let The Tech Whisperer do it all for you. How easy is that???

Technician Success Path

Technician Success Path

sandy / 

Silverhill, AL

"The morning videos are definitely making a difference in our shop."

Blue Collar Nation Podcast
Lesly and The Tech Whisperer

Want to hear what happens when you hire an 18-year-old kid with no life or work experience and pour your heart and soul into training them?

Listen to this important episode of the Blue Collar Nation podcast to hear the journey our former employee, Lesly, had with our training to go from entry-level team member to Operations Manager to Entrepreneur. This episode is proof positive of the good that happens with daily training. So, if you are not getting the results you want from your team, listen to Lesly talk to Eric and Larry about the massive benefits of training.

Great testimonials From our current clients and from previous team members

Levi's carpet technicians have benefited from the lessons

Andrew, who was mentored by Eric, tells how the morning meetings impacted his life

Mike speaks of the value of the consistent tech meeting in our business

Happy team members equal happy owners

Lesly went from shy, inexperienced kid to operations manager with Eric's morning meetings

Jim, service business owner of 31 years, tells how the videos help his company

Jason is a technicians who values the lessons each day

Restoration technician, Kenny, has benefited from the lessons to be more aware of client's needs

Phil became a much better technician with the help of Eric's morning meetings

Blue Collar Nation Podcast

Eric and Larry started a podcast, too. They talk about the challenges of owning a blue collar business. They dive deeply into the things that worked for them and the things that did not. Many expert guests come on the show bring their skill and know-how to the listeners. All content is directed to making blue collar business owners lives better. Being an entrepreneur in the trades can be fun, rewarding and profitable. Please listen to some great guests and hear ideas about how your business can be better. Any feedback is always appreciated. Please subscribe!


Why do I need Super Tech University?

Technicians learning the "soft skills" of the service business is crucial training. Many technicians are good at the technical side of the business, but lack the skills to make customers really happy and grow your business. Instead of trying to create lessons plans yourself each day, outsourcing these lessons to the pro's will make your team stronger and create more time and less headache for you, the owner.

Who is Eric, and why should I let him teach my team?

Eric Sprague is the "Tech Whisperer". Eric has more than 20 years of experience as both a manager and owner of blue collar service businesses. Eric's strength is training technicians to become more self aware and skilled at subjects such as: how to behave in the home, how to get clients to give 5 Star online reviews, how to create more add-on sales, and the like. Eric is a Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. Eric's passion is training technicians the soft skills required to be their best out in the field.

How long will it take to get my techs trained?

Training technicians is an ongoing process.
Much like Tiger Woods needs to practice putting everyday, or Micheal Jordan needed to practice shooting foul shots throughout his entire career. Tech training needs to be done for a few minutes everyday. Often the lessons are repetitive. This is on purpose. The more we drill down on key subjects, the more natural it will seem to the technicians. As to how long it will take, we think it takes most technicians 3-6 months to really start to make big changes and buy in. As an owner, you need to commit to the process of gradual improvement. It is a long term investment in creating the team you always dreamed of when you started your service business.

Why is it everyday? That's expensive and takes to much time!

We have learned (the hard way) that a DAILY meeting is what garners real results over time. There is no hack or shortcut to getting really well trained technicians. These people need DAILY reinforcement of the skills we teach. Doing it everyday shows the technicians that the owners and managers place a high value on the team getting better. The DAILY meeting, although maybe seems like a hassle to the owner will result in a more engaged team, techs that are able to please clients more often, an increase in add-on sales, and lower amounts of customer complaints. We feel that most owners would agree that these benefits are worth 20 minutes per day.

Why is it so cheap?

Eric and Larry struggled for years to get their blue collar service business up and running. They remember what it was like when they needed training to improve, but couldn't afford to invest in expensive coaching. Therefore, the goal with supertechu.com is to give world class level training at a cost that any owner can afford. Eric and Larry's goal is to create a service where thousands and thousands of companies use the morning meeting to bring back great service. They want to see owners who no longer dread going to work because of all the of technician issues that make running a service business a hassle. This is not a business for Eric and Larry, this is a MOVEMENT to give blue collar owners a better life, to create a real career for technicians, and for clients to get an amazing service experience.

Does Eric do 1 to 1 coaching and onsite visits?

Yes. For an additional fee, Eric provides 1 to 1 coaching for those owners who want to take this to the next level. Meetings are done via ZOOM and recorded so that the owner can replay the coaching. Eric also does a very limited number of onsite training days per month, where he will visit an company and do staff training and 1 to 1 coaching with the owner. For more information about these services, please message us on our website, or email us at larry@supertechu.com.

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