Ask questions?

Questions to ask your client:

  • Do you understand what we are doing in your home today?
  • Are there any pets on site?
  • Do you have any concerns when workers are in your home?

When you are doing your walk-through with your client, about the job, ask good questions 🤔.  Listen 🦻to the answers too!  See where you can make the experience of working in their home better 👍.

Make them aware of the expectations for the job when it is completed so everyone is on the same page. Explaining the expectations needs to be done more than once, especially after the estimate.

Review aspects of the job that the client needs to be aware of.  Noise, dust, containment, dirt in the environment and other things they need to know of.

Email us here (larry@supertechu.com) with the word "SCRIPT" and we will send you a script and questions to ask the client for the best results.