Welcome to Day 8 with Ellen Rohr!

About Ellen Rohr

Once upon a time, Ellen got involved in her husband’s company after his partner died unexpectedly. Boy was she humbled! It seemed like lots of money was moving through the company, but at the end of the month there was never any money left. Thankfully, Ellen found terrific mentors, savvy contractors who taught her how to keep score in business, how to put a simple business plan together and how to make money. Ellen started Bare Bones Biz, a venture capital and consulting company in 1995 to help folks of all ages turn their big ideas into successful businesses. Ellen is also a successful franchisor, helping launch a plumbing franchise to 47 locations and $40 million in sales in under 2 years. Ellen is currently the president of Zoom Drain and Sewer, LLC operating at 17 locations across the US. Ellen has appeared on television over 100 times sharing Business Tips. She is also a columnist for PHC News, and a contributor to many business journals and trade magazines. She takes ordinarily dry-as-dust business basics and makes them simple and fun. Ellen is also the author of four business basics books.

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