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Eric and Larry owned a blue collar service business for many years and they know that anything that makes the day even a little bit easier is of huge value to an owner. We are keeping your investment low to create a platform that is affordable for any size service business. This is not just a membership training site, this is a movement. Eric and Larry are tired of seeing their friends and peers struggle through each day with their team, when training will fix most of the issues.

With your investment you can breath easier, be more profitable, have a happier team, and make your days more enjoyable. We provide a template each day to educate your team. You do not have to create any content yourself. You do not have to get up early to get prep for your team meeting lesson. You do not have to prepare anything. All you must do is work the system that we give you. Let our in-house expert, Eric, do all of that for you. How easy is that???

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need a Morning Tech Meeting?

Who is Eric, and why should I let him teach my team?

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Why is it everyday? That's expensive and takes to much time!

Why is it so cheap?

Does Eric do 1 to 1 coaching and onsite visits?

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