Super Tech University Lesson III- Be on Time Teaser

Late Again?
I have a lesson for that!

I explain to the techs "Why" being on time and prepared for the day makes their job so much easier.

"Why" getting to the shop 15 minutes early is appreciated and earns respect from the boss and their team.

And getting a lunch prepared, bringing extra water, and looking good makes the day so much easier.  We all want our days better.  These habits go a long way.

Many techs do not realize these habits will help them.  They were never presented with these ideas and options, they just arrive at work on time because that is all they know.  The techs did not have role models that said prepare for your day to be a success. 

This is what Super Tech University is offering to your technicians so you do not have to teach them.  Basic skills, like in this video, that will benefit the techs and you, every day.  

The members have a forum button here to communicate with others about the lesson.

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