5 steps to get off the truck

1.  Commit to work on yourself.

All growth in a small business is dependent on the strengths and weaknesses of the owner.  For the business to flourish, the owner needs to be in a good headspace and focused to steer the business in the right direction.

2.  You need to develop one system at a time in your business.

Business have a hard to growing is a lack of business systems.  Owners never feel they have time to create the systems and implement the systems. Not putting systems in place creates a culture of chaos in the company.

3.  Have short daily meetings with your tech's to keep them engaged.

Making an investment in the team, keeping them aligned with the vision of the company and trained to a point where they are proficient at their jobs will be a great separator against the competition.

4.  Create self awareness in yourself and your team with DISC training.

Team member need realization of all of their strengths and weaknesses.  Fully self aware tech's who know their role and know how to ask for help creates a strong company.

5.  Develop an amazing company culture.

Taking steps to build a great company culture is the key to being able to move a step back from your day to day duties at your company.

With THe Momentum From these 5 steps:

The Momentum Club has been created as a quick start program to get the owner moving on 3 key projects that can make massive change in their business. This is not a long term, never ending coaching program. The purpose of the Momentum Club is to take 3 months to set the owner on a path and gain the Momentum and habits necessary to move to the next level in their business and their life.  

Every business owner struggles with implementation of tasks that will get them to the next level. They are stuck in the never ending cycle of just keeping it all going and making it through each day. This cycle leads to burn out, depression, and resenting the business they were so excited to open. It does not have to be this way.

That’s why we have put together the Momentum Club. In the Momentum Club, we will teach you the skills and habits necessary to get off the truck, develop systems, hire great techs, make huge strides to creating a better business. With monthly one to one strategy sessions to create benchmarks geared to getting you “off the truck" or creating a successful team. Our monthly Mastermind Group comprised of other owners in the same situations as you where we all help each other implement and hold each other accountable in a constructive manner.

This group has no gimmicks, no hacks, no tips and tricks, and no bullshit. It is about identifying what needs to be done and doing it with the help of the group for motivation and accountability.

The Momentum Club is a 3 month program 

Start Date: July 1, 2021

End Date: September 30, 2021

Investment: $299 per month for 3 months or $799 one time payment

Process: 1 monthly 30 min Strategy Call with Eric Sprague to create a vision and a plan to grow your business in a calm and systematic way.

1 monthly 60 minute Group Mastermind with like-minded business owners to discuss strategies and hold one another accountable to action being taken consistently.

Meeting held via Zoom every 1st Wednesday of the month at 7am PacificCreation of a Top 3 Project List with accountability and coaching assistance in completing those projects

FREE in depth DISC Leadership profile and One to One meeting with Eric to discuss and interpret the results

FREE monthly membership to MorningTechMeeting.com

10% discount on all DISC related items

Group Rules:

Be on time for all appointments

If you need to speak with Eric, please book an appointment at: https://go.oncehub.com/EricSprague

Be respectful and positive in all meetings

Take constructive criticism not as a personal affront

Please be prepared for all meetings

If you cannot make an appointment, please give a minimum of 12 hours notice

Administrative Details:

Payments will be withdrawn the first day of each month

For any and all administrative issues/questions, please email: larry@supertechu.com

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