operations course

Are you running your business well?

A 12 week course for you, every Thursday evening, beginning August 3 at;

4pm PST, 5pm MST, 6pm CST, 7pm EST.

The classes will be an hour long, ask questions and get feedback.

"Our internal systems improved after the first week."  - Jay in Oceanside  

Here is the agenda:

✔️ Week 1 Managing Business Development
✔️ Week 2 Training CSR/Receptionist
✔️ Week 3 Training In-Home Sales/Estimating
✔️ Week 4 Training Service Managers
✔️ Week 5 Inventory and Purchasing
✔️ Week 6 Building a High Performance Culture
✔️ Week 7 Interviewing and Onboarding New Hires
✔️ Week 8 Reviewing and Reprimanding Your Team
✔️ Week 9 Creating Fruitful Meetings
✔️ Week 10 Using Technology to Improve Performance
✔️ Week 11 Job Costing and Knowing Your Numbers
✔️ Week 12 Collecting Data for Useful KPI’s

The cost is only $497 for the twelve week course.

  • You get structured lessons on how to make your job easier.  
  • You get specific questions answered about your current challenges.
  • You participate with others to see their challenges and improve your skills with them.

But Wait, There Is More...

Bonus!  Your enrollment includes 2 coaching sessions at No Additional Charge!  You will discuss what you what you learned and how to implement it even faster

Super Tech University Clients get a $200 dollar discount and Inner Circle Members attend free.

"How we conduct business changed, my perspective shifted to see how things could be done differently!"  - Kelly in Long Lake