Eric and Larry Support Our Business Partners

A little about Howard and why we love him and Phenomenal Products

Mr. Phenomenal, Howard Partridge, graced Eric ad Larry's presence years ago and taught them about how to build a great company. Howard was Eric and Larry's coach and mentor for many years. Without Howard's guidance, they never would have achieved success in their business. Howard introduced Eric and Larry to leadership, company culture, making mistakes, and why every blue collar service business owner could benefit from having a coach. 

Eric and Larry consider Howard one of their close friends.

"Stop being a slave to your business."

- Howard Partridge

We mailed a newsletter to our clients every month in our service business with profitable results. CCNewsletters branded our company consistently with our services.  Our clients looked forward to hearing from us, remembering us, every month when that newsletter arrived.  

The marketing cost of the newsletters was offset by the profit and relationship with our clients that was created by our presence every month in their mailbox

Al is an amazing guy that talks the talk and walks the walk.

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