A sample week of lessons for you


Criticism can be very helpful. We all need a coach to help us see our weaknesses, so don't be afraid of critical feedback.


A overall review of DISC.  Great personal development information to increase self awareness and communication skills.


A review of great lessons this week and then get ready to take the quiz.


Going over expectations with the client before the job begins is very important.  This step will eliminate any confusion and set the tone for the job. Clients are happier when they are well informed.


Understanding your job and what needs to be done makes you a better sales person.  Knowing the technical details makes you an expert that can sell any job by acting as a consultant and not a salesperson.

Training technicians on a consistent basis makes a BIG difference in their performance.  Explaining the "why" helps them be better at their craft and makes them more professional technicians.  

Our daily lessons keep your techs engaged and accountable with their performance in the field.

If you have not heard...

Eric and Larry started a podcast.  They talk about the challenges of owning a blue collar business which Eric and Larry did for many years.  They dive deep into the things that worked for them and the things that did not.  Guests are on the show bringing their expertise benefiting blue collar businesses.  All of the content is directed to making blue collar business owners lived easier.  Being an entrepreneur in the trades can be fun, rewarding and profitable.  Please listen to some great guests and hear ideas about how your business can be better.  Any feedback is always appreciated. 

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