A Lesson Plan For Your Team

First Step:

Present these lessons to your team, preferably when everyone is together. We found the morning works best before they go to their jobs for the day to get quality thoughts in their head. But if your team does not meet together often, send this out to them and have them watch the lessons. You can also play them in Zoom by sharing your screen.

Second Step:

Have a conversation with them after the lesson. The magic happens by connecting about the topic with your team.

If your team is remote, have a conversation with them when you can. These lessons are NOT designed to add more work to your day 👎.

The lessons are about 5 minutes each. The short discussion, 2-3 minutes, with the team afterward really helps. Ask them if they can relate, if they have had experiences where the lesson could have helped, and share your experiences as well.

Third Step:

Get them out, making you money💰. Watch the magic happen 💪🏻.


To be the best you can be you need to make time to focus and concentrate.


Our ability to properly communicate while on the job will dictate how clients feel about us and our company.


One of the most important parts of DISC training is for each of us to become more self aware and work on bettering ourselves consistently.


Understanding your job and what needs to be done makes you a better sales person. Knowing the technical details makes you an expert that can sell any job by acting as a consultant and not a salesperson.


A review of great lessons this week and then get ready to take the quiz.

Training your team on a consistent basis makes a BIG difference in their performance. 

Training creates repeat clients, referrals, and reviews.  💰💰💰 

Our daily lessons keep your techs engaged and accountable for their performance in the field.

Your team will do a better job when they understand their expectations. They want to know more than you have time to tell them, and they need direction.