​​Hello My Friends

Larry here. You probably remember me with Shamrock. Eric and I sold that business and are now working on our passion project: Morning Tech Meeting. After many years learning how to effectively run a blue collar service business that specialized in 5 Star Yelp! reviews and repeat clients, we feel that we became experts in how to please clients and grow a local blue collar service business. The thing that keeps most blue collar service businesses from growing is an inability to get the technicians to serve the client in a way that the owner is not always putting out fires and that the techs learn the proper "soft" skills to be great at making clients happy. That's where Eric, The Tech Whisperer, comes in!

After many years of having Eric and I running around town putting out fires all day and getting frustrated that the techs weren't doing the job we wished they would, we knew we needed to make more time to train the the team. Eric went into overdrive to build lessons plans and daily training systems to create wonderful, professional technicians. A meeting was held for all staff members every morning to teach the team the life skills they would need to please our wonderful clients. These morning tech meeting changed our culture by having the technicians understand that giving great service made them better people and that having a better understanding of themselves and the needs of the clients is what creates a memorable service experience.  

Please take a moment and watch the sample videos below. They are just like the ones the technicians get daily.

So, what is Morning Tech Meeting anyway? Well, put simply it's a Charm School for Blue Collar Service Techs. Eric taught the techs how to communicate effectively, how to prepare for their day, how to behave in your home, etc.  Their confidence expanded as the lessons progressed, and that's when the magic happened.  Eric connected and interacted with the techs so well we started calling him The Tech Whisperer!

Our new business is an online membership site that will work for any business that sends technicians into homes or businesses. As a member you get a 5-10 minute video of The Tech Whisperer every week day.  This system transformed Shamrock's culture, and it can transform any service business. ​

We understand that you may have no need for this service. However, we know many of you may know a business owners who could benefit from this online education. So, we are asking you to please pass this along to any blue collar businesses you may know.

We also have a weekly podcast dedicated to helping blue collar business owners. It is called Blue Collar Nation. You can subscribe on iTunes.   Listen to our fun stories.  Maybe we talk about you!

Please visit supertechu.com and check us out.  If you have any feedback please reply and let us know.

​Thank you ​for your time today. 

Have a great day,

Eric and Larry