Thank You so Much for Signing Up!

We look forward to seeing you at Thermal Supply on June 2 from 9am-2pm.  Remember lunch will be served.

Thermal Supply INC.

We will present topics to you on:

  • Strategies to Find New Talent in Your Local Market
  • How to Attract Talent to Your Service Company
  • Digital Marketing Training
  • Leadership and Company Culture as Tools for Talent Acquisition and Retention
  • Why money (pay) is 5th on the hierarchy of employee desires

Running a service business is a lot of work so we want to address any current business challenges you have after the Q and A session at the end of the presentation. We can be helpful and would love to be of service.

Email larry@supertechu.com with questions or concerns.

Eric Sprague, The Tech Whisperer

We will send email reminders to you before the event just so you don't forget. If they bother you and your inbox please let me know, larry@supertechu.com. Call us also as needed, 909-767-1468.