The Theater of Business

All service companies are actors and actresses in the theater of business every day.  We put on a presentation to our clients and potential clients when we answer the phone, when we drive down the street in our wrapped vehicle, and especially when we are doing our job in the home.  We are doing a performance of service and that performance goes much further than the job we were hired for.  The show starts when the client opens the door and sees how we are dressed, if our hair is combed, how we smell, our posture, etc.  The show continues as we introduce ourselves, communicate about the job, our conduct in their home, and how we handle any objections.  We are judged much more on how we present ourselves and the presentation we deliver than the job at hand.

This performance gives us the ability to earn referrals from the client, to get an opportunity to a return visit to the home, to deserve a review of our service online.  These factors are what a successful business are made of.  The company that has chuck in a truck, that has an untucked shirt, that is dirty, unshaven, with a stinky hat is not going to be welcome like a tech with a clean uniform, groomed well, that is professional and proud of it.  The company with a tech that is on time that looks Mrs. Jones in the eye, takes notes on what she wants done will be much more remarkable than the tech who barges in, asks where the problem is, and leaves.  Paul the pro can charge twice as much, get more referrals, and repeat business by treating the job as theater of business.

The theater of business must be trained and practiced regularly.  Techs need to work on their craft.  They practice being aware of their surroundings, the feedback they get from the clients, the nonverbal cues and the learning from each job.  This is what should be expected out of each technician, but they need to be trained to be a great actor or actress in the theater of business.  The techs need direction on how to perform and explained why the performing is important on each job for the company and for the techs.  The technician life will be so much easier practicing the theater of business.  They will have happier clients and make more money in tips and upsells.  The owner or manager will have dramatically less complaints, less call backs, and more employee happiness.  What is the value of that for the team and culture.  Get some theater of business training to have a remarkable company.