In Home Behavior Skills for Technicians during Covid-19

Don't Lose Jobs due to Tech's 

Lack of Training for Covid Safety Protocols

​A Webinar:

​​Build Your Team to Thrive in the New World  

Thursday May 21 at 11am Pacific Daylight Time

You want to make your business easier.  You want more profits.  You want to live your dream.  You want a great company that does not stress you out.

This webinar will help you have a better company and help you reach your dreams.

We have been where you are and we understand.  We can help you build a better team so you can stop putting out fires all day.

​We owned a service company with up to 20 techs.  They made us crazy until we started a system where the techs began to take responsibility, they communicated with the clients well, and they were making better decisions without us.  I was amazed!

Now with the Covid 19, the techs behavior is more important than ever. They need to connect with your clients better, understand that a face masks and gloves only do not make the client completely comfortable.  

In the webinar we will go over strategies to get your techs engaged.  They will want to impress the clients for you. 

Here is a handy outline to take notes and follow along during the Webinar.

As a bonus we will send you 4 lessons on conduct for technicians when on the job site.  Also, there are two relevant podcast videos.  We interviewed experts on the issues of company liability, proper marketing, and job site behavior for Corona virus related work.


Eric and Larry have a podcast, too.  

The vision for the podcast is to make the lives of blue collar service business owners better.  

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