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"​​Build Your Team to Thrive in the New World"


​Thursday May 21 at 11am PDT​

​Click below for the bonus lessons for your techs when they are onsite.  These lessons are so valuable.

​The Tech Whisperer, Eric, trains technicians on people skills or soft skills so they can interact and communicate better with your clients.  

The techs are on site with your clients.  The techs scope out and sell the your jobs.  The techs do the jobs in your clients home or business.  They impress or depress your clients during the job. ​ The techs behavior and attitude is judged by your clients.   The techs accept your money for doing the job.  How the techs behave influences if your company is called back for another job.  The techs interactions determines if the client refers you to other new clients.  And the techs behavior is represented in the reviews everyone judges your business by.

So, isn't it important to train your technicians to interact with your clients better?

​Click on the notes and get ready for the webinar.  You will not want to miss an information.  Make sure your Zoom application works early too.  Watch the video below for direction.  See you Thursday!


Eric and Larry have a podcast, too.  

The vision for the podcast is to make the lives of blue collar service business owners better.  

They talk about the challenges of owning a blue collar business and dive deeply into the things that worked for them and the things that didn't.  Guests on the show bring their expertise in all areas of owning and running a blue collar businesses. All content is directed to making blue collar business owners lives easier, more fun, rewarding, and profitable.  Please listen to the great guests and hear ideas about how your business can be better.  Any feedback is always appreciated.  Please subscribe!

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