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​Culture is the lowest hanging fruit for Business owners

For You, a Webinar, to ​Develop A Great Culture In Your Company  

Wednesday June 25 at 11am Pacific Standard Time

Blue Collar Leader

Blue Collar Leader

​​9 Steps to Make Your Blue Collar Service Business More Fun and Lucrative

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​​When you sign up we will send you a copy of Eric's book, The Blue Collar Leader: 9 Steps to Make Your Blue Collar Service Business More Fun and Lucrative.

If you have not read this book you will enjoy what Eric has to offer.  This is a start to a great culture and a great read before the webinar.  Please read the book.  You will relate to many of the stories and challenges presented.


Eric and Larry started a podcast too.  They talk about the challenges of owning a blue collar business and dive deep into the things that worked for them and the things that did not.  Guests on the show bring their expertise in all areas of owning and running a blue collar businesses.  All content is directed to making blue collar business owners lives easier, more fun, rewarding, and profitable.  Please listen to the great guests and hear ideas about how your business can be better.  Any feedback is always appreciated.  Please subscribe!

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