Why have a daily lessons for your techs?

Each day your techs represent your company, on site, unsupervised.  Do you train them how you expect them to act with your clients, how to communicate the details of the job to your client the way you want?  When you train your techs technically do you go over the details and process of handling a challenging client?  Do you explain the things that make a good impression and the things that do not, the theater of business?  Can we agree that the interacting skills with your clients are important?  I had a cleaning and restoration business for 10 years and I know these soft skills are invaluable.

If you teach your techs these skills you are a proactive owner and you are applauded.  You see the value of preventing problems from happening.  But do you reinforce these skills often?  Do you have a system to teach these skills?  We developed a system in our business where we taught a lesson for a few minutes a day, technical skills, and soft skills.  But usually, the lesson was on soft skills because that was the challenge with the techs at the time.  The tech was late, tracked dirt on the clients floor, or did not explain the bill to the client.  We explained to the techs why these problems need to be avoided, what was expected in the future, and how to prevent these problems from happening again. 

We had a colleague that had a training class once a year on these skills. The team did great for a while but over time they forgot the reasons for great service.   We had another colleague that went over the details of the technician’s performance once a year during the review, but there was a disconnect with the feedback soon enough.  The behaviors reviewed generally returned.  These systems did not seem to work well.

Technicians work very hard in the field but sometimes have short memories. Consistent reminder lessons to reinforce why they need be professional and what is expected.   We all need reminders on best practices, sharpening our skills.  Why not invest time into the technicians, they only represent our companies all day, every day.  This li­ne of thinking gets forgotten as we are running our service business.  We don’t always have time to train our techs, with patience, consistently.  Maybe we should sub out this task of training, like payroll, card processing, or equipment repair because we are not experts in this area.    

We can help train your techs to become super techs, applying these ideas, so you can focus on your business and do what you do best.  Your techs need quality, consistent, pertinent training to make your service company be successful.     

Here is one of our clients watching a Tech Whispering lesson developing their skills as technicians.