What is Super Tech University?

What do we do?

We train your techs to make better decisions on the job and teach confidence to make better choices, so they won’t call you so often.  We train your techs to communicate with the client thoroughly while you work on the business.

How valuable would it be if you had more hours a day to work on your business and not put out fires?  What would you give to have technicians that were more capable?  What would you pay or what would you do to get more time each day?

We can help your techs make your business better by teaching them soft skills.  What are soft skills?  They start with communication skills, self-confidence, and self-awareness.  Have you ever taught your team these skills?  Our company thrived after we invested in their personal development, on site behavior, service, and sales skills.

Your techs will learn to look Mrs. Jones in the eye, explain the job, and handle objections.  They will understand why these skills are necessary to make them better at their job.

Lessons are focused on arriving at the job site, not to park in front of the driveway, not walk across the lawn, looking presentable.  Understanding that business is theater when communicating with Mrs. Jones.  How to be respectful on the job site and make your company look professional.

We explain how to address the clients professionally, how to make a good first impression, understand they are being judged immediately and the significance of their skills.

When they realize they can do their job better, they will be hooked and grateful to you for teaching them life skills.