The Hunt For Talent: Cleanfax Magazine article

By Eric Sprague, Super Tech University 

The hottest topic on the planet right now seems to be how to attract and retain talent in your business. Regardless of your industry, this is at the top of every business owner and manager’s mind. I have recently written several articles on the topic, and I always wonder when I am finished if there is really anything left for any of us to say about the matter. It often feels like everything has been said ten different ways by ten different industry experts. I think this bombardment of insights leaves everyone scratching their collective heads as to what they really should do when it comes to staffing in their organization and hiring field technicians.

I was recently asked to moderate an expert panel on this topic at a restoration industry conference. We had several amazing guests on the panel providing amazing ideas to implement. One of the guests was Leighton Healey of KnowHow, a restoration software company. KnowHow had recently written a book based on the results of a restoration industry survey called Why Workers Quit.   There was a ton of data in the book which I think is applicable to any home service-based business when it comes to staffing issues. The book really highlighted a few things that most of us are not doing well, and I think it would be worth discussing here to help all of us better understand what we can implement in our companies to get great people and keep them around.

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