A Great Service Experience

Great service is something I appreciate and acknowledge always. I value being looked in the eye and engaged with when interacting with others throughout my day. I celebrate when someone is concerned for my needs and goes out of their way to make that moment just a little better. The extra effort is something special, which is why I make a big deal out of these acts of kindness.

When I was in a national coffee establishment this week, I had a memorable experience. While I sat working, I watched an individual work her magic with her team and customers. She not only greeted every person that came in but connected with everyone. This talented worker, let’s call her Elvia, had a talent of making people welcome, comfortable, and patient because there was a big line and lots of business in progress.

Elvia did not break stride, she kept conversation going as she took orders, making people happy the came in. Her team was getting backed up as more customers arrived, but she kept them motivated and performing with her communication and exceptional banter. Nobody wavered from orders building up, not her team or the people waiting. She worked the whole environment like it was magic. Everyone felt her positive energy and it conducted the mood in the store. I was very impressed.

The traffic came and went over the next hour, Elvia continued to work the room. Then I noticed she knew most of the customers names also. Just about everyone. She was in the zone. When someone is on the top of their game, no matter what the venue, the act is a joy to watch.

I left gave her a glowing compliment on her skills. She did not even realize the talent she had. I requested she stay in touch with me and gave her my card. These are the talented individuals we need to keep our eyes out for. Go out of your way to find and connect with these people that have a special flare for life that lights up the room. They will light up your business also and take you to the next level.

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