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You Can Have A Super Team
In Your Company!

For about $5 per day, we will teach your team to be Super Techs!

Who is Super Tech University for?

  • Any service company that needs a better team.

  • An owner that needs a team to care about the business.

  • A team that needs a coach to explain why their job is super important.

What does the membership include? 

  • Daily lessons for the team

  • On-site behavior lessons

  • Self-awareness lessons

  • Sales and Service lessons

  • A review lesson and accountability quiz every Friday

Who are the Instructors?

     Watch the video below.

Our Story - Please watch

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"We are becoming one of your fellas biggest fans! Since we have signed up we have not missed a lesson. I set them up, prep the evening before, have the emails sent out and lead a short discussion after the lesson. It's a great start to everyone's day."

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