The Years Of Struggle, Then My Epiphany!

If you remember from the two previous emails, I was just coming off a heart attack, I had a kid who was having some issues, and my business was driving me crazy. Times were not really all that good.

I understood something had to give, and I needed to think outside the box to get my life back on track.

Now, let me take you back a few years and help you understand the entire picture here. 

We had tried to train the guys to do things our way for years. We invested in an industry coach, Howard Partridge, to help us manage our growth and culture. I did the training and became a Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach. I spent every extra hour reading and studying leadership principles, team building, management systems, and the like. For a decade I was a man obsessed with “cracking the employee code” to achieve the results we desired for our service business. We spent, literally, more than $150,000 on coaching and training to better run our company.

We held daily meetings where I tried to help the guys understand the concepts that I had learned. We used Darren Hardy’s Best Year Ever to teach goal setting, Zig Ziglar’s sales training, Anthony Robbins on personal performance, John Maxwell’s Leadership Gold, Howard Partridge on culture building, and many more. 

You know what happened? Nothing. All of it fell flat and Larry and I remained running around like wild men trying to keep the brush fires out.

I wracked my brain to figure our why all of this study and training had such a positive impact on Larry and I, but fell so flat with the team.  Was it them?  Was it me? 


It wasn’t them. It wasn’t the guru’s programs. It was wasn’t really me, either. They just did not relate to all of this “theory” from the books and programs. Having this watershed moment I went into overdrive to create my own “Secret Sauce” recipe for a system that they could relate to that would help us all reach our collective goals.

Tomorrow I will explain my “Secret Sauce” training in detail.