The Payoff!

Think back to when you wanted to start your own business. Think about all the dreams and aspirations you had for it. Did they come true? My guess is that most of those dreams did not come true. Not only did they not come true, but you kind of secretly resent (hate) your business a lot of the time.

You dreamed of going fishing at noon on a Tuesday while they techs worked and made you money. You dreamed of making a ton of cash and working less hard than when you worked for someone else. You dreamed of taking long vacations with your family while the team held down the fort for you. Sound familiar? I bet it does. Is it your reality? I bet it’s not!

The reality for most blue collar service business owners is they open their doors and go out on the truck and do an awesome job servicing their clients. Once they do that for awhile they start to get more work than they can handle, so they hire technicians to do some of that work.  The problem is that most small business owners don’t have the skills, desire, or time to properly train the technicians on how to do all the things that really make the business thrive.

I am not talking about the skills of the actual trade. That is not what grows service companies. It’s the soft skills that the clients feel make that company special. Those are the skills that the owner built the company upon because they have their whole life wrapped up into the success of the company, so they figured out how to please the client. The issues start because the techs have not been trained to give the same level of service as the owner, and the client’s don’t like that. That’s when the complaints start and/or the phone stops ringing quite so much.  The owners then resents the techs and micromanage them, instead of teaching them how to do things correctly, and get them to want to do it right.

I know this story well. Larry and I lived it for YEARS. The payoff did not come until I started my Secret Sauce Morning Tech Meetings. Then the training started to kick in. The techs knew how and why we needed to behave a certain way. Not only that, we invested so much in them that they wanted to do it for us. The were converts to our way of doing things.

That’s when the BIG PAYOFF started.

I was able to work out more to improve my health. I was able to spend more time with my wife and kids. Larry had free time to get into Yoga and travel to Europe and the Caribbean. When we left we did not get tons of phone calls and issues. We did the training in advance to minimize those things.

Did that mean we never needed to be at work anymore? Of course not! The business needed us, it just didn’t need us every minute of every day.

Does that sound good to you? Would you like that in your business?

Open tomorrow’s email and I can tell you how I can help you on that journey.