We train "soft skills" to technicians, not technical skills.  

Soft skills? What are those?

Soft skills are needed for your technicians to effectively communicate with your clients. Soft skills are when your technician can connect with a client during the add-on sale process. Soft skills are how well your technicians behave on the jobsite and anywhere around town while they are in uniform. Soft skills what creates more add-on sales, a happier work place, 5 Star online reviews, and those coveted referrals and great reviews we all want for our businesses.

 Technician rarely are trained consistently how to do the things that create an amazing service experience. Techs are usually trained how to do the work, but not how to consistently "Wow" the client.

That's where Eric "The Tech Whisperer" comes in.You can sub all of this soft skills training to The Tech Whisperer, so you don't have to.

Please take a look at the videos below and see how your technicians can improve with daily training.

Sample Videos

The daily video lesson series is a small investment of $199 a year (the Experience Show Special) or $20 per month.  ​

As a member you get a 5-10 minute video of the Tech Whisperer every week day.  This system transformed our carpet cleaning and restoration company's culture, and it can transform yours. 

We also have a weekly podcast dedicated to helping blue collar business owners. It is called Blue Collar Nation. You can subscribe on iTunes.  

​Enjoy your day,

Eric and Larry