​​We Want To Help​ Your Service Business

​We are concerned for blue collar businesses right now. As you well know, field service providers are being particularly hard hit as people go into isolation.

We want to help in any way we can possible. So we are offering
Morningtechmeeting.com for $1 per month for 2 months.  

This offer ends Friday 3/24/2020

And you can get a 15 minute coaching call with the Tech Whisper, Eric too!
The lessons the Tech Whisperer presents will be sent directly to your technicians and they will benefit from the content.  The technicians will be impressed by you investing in them and staying engaged with them especially now!  You need to do everything you can to keep your technicians.  

This crisis will end and you need a team
when that happens!

This is an opportunity to stay in touch with your team and have them learn new skills.  The lessons resonate with techs.  They like them.  Click on our sample lessons below and see for your self.

​We want to benefit you and your team now when you need it most.  Maybe you have listened to our podcast where all the experts are doubling down in their teams.

Again, we are trying to help in any way we can. Therefore, we are doing a quick 10-15 minute podcast every morning to help answer one question:

What do you do to keep your service business going during this crisis?

Our goal is to get as many experts and experienced industry people on the show to talk about what they are doing/would do in this situation.

We have had Al Levi, Shawn Van Dyke, Tersh Blissett, Kevin and Annissa Coy, John "The Hit Man" Braun and more give great advice on how to weather this Virus storm.

Listen to what experts in the Blue Collar Industry have to say.  Keep your self engaged.  Listen to good information so all the news does not get you down.  That is why we are bringing this to you.  We want you to come out of this virus mess ahead of your competitors. 

Take time for you and your technicians.

Contact us if you need anything.

Eric and Larry
Morning Tech Meeting
Blue Collar Nation