​​Are you a Craftsman or a Hack?

​You would expect a technicians to want to be a craftsman. More often technicians are not​ trained how to be a craftsman.​ It takes time to teach a tech the craftsman skills and time to reinforce these craftsman habits. Generally techs are trained by another tech on technical skills of the profession and not the soft skills of having pride in their work and developing craftsman abilities. 

Eric the "tech whisperer" outlines the desirable skills of a craftsman as well as the bad habits of a hack. The good habits of a craftsman are presented and reinforced. These are basic habits that need reminding consistently to stay a craftsman. We all have busy days which create rushing and bad habits that creep into out behaviors.  These habits need to be redirected often, which is what the tech whisperer and morning tech meeting do.  Daily, consistency, works. Daily, consistency does work, is what we learned in our blue collar business for 12 years. We learned getting away from daily training brings bad habits that are not corrected, avoidable accidents, unhappy clients, and lost profit.

If you own a blue collar business and can benefit from a charm school for you techs. Or if you know a blue collar business that can benefit from the Tech Whisperer training their techs please pass this along.

​Thank you ​for your time today.

Have a great day,

Eric and Larry