​​The systems of a business are a reflection of how organized a business is.  We made the Morning Tech Meeting a system where all you have to do is "plug and play" to train the technicians.  

In this video, Eric explains how to use the Morning Tech Meeting system, giving structure and setting daily expectations for the technicians.

The display of the lesson is the first step.  You can use a projector, a big screen TV, or just a laptop for the techs to view the lessons.  

The goal is to perform the entire lesson in under 15 minutes per day. The video lessons are roughly 5-8 minutes long, which leaves the same amount of time for a discussion about the lesson with your team. 

Again, this daily system of 15 minute meetings will have a huge impact on your company culture.  You will find the caring, capacity, and engagement of your team will improve from the structure of the Morning Tech Meeting.  The consistency makes the difference!

Please watch the sample videos below and see how they can help build your technicians to to world class service providers.

We hope this explanation of the system of the Morning Tech Meeting helps you understand how we impact companies every day.

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Eric and Larry