You can have the best technicians

We had the 'worst team ever' which made us fix our problem by creating great techs and a great culture.

Technicians respond to consistency.  They want to know what is happening next, be prepared for their day, and be able to handle situations without stress.  The Tech Whisperer lessons train average techs into becoming super technicians.

So how do you get the best technicians to work for you?

(Your 'Dream Technicains')

You reinforce, consistently, what they are expected to do.

You don't have the time do this?  We created a system for you.

  • You get great content the techs relate to every day.
  • They engage with real on site examples.
  • We have done this successfully.
  • We will show you what to do.

These are our short daily meetings which trained the technicians to be prepared and handle situations with the clients as experts.

Our Clients have great results with their technicians too.