​My Business Gave Me A Heart Attack At 49 Years Old!

"No! No! No! No! No!"  "You cannot die now, you have to stay alive for the kids", that’s what the voice inside my head kept yelling at me. 

I was out riding my bicycle to blow off some work stress when suddenly it felt as if an elephant was standing on my chest. My left arm went numb. My jaw went numb. I was having a heart attack at only 49 years old!

Obviously, I survived.  However, it was a wake up call. For that last decade I had been grinding in my small blue collar service business. Things were not going all that great. To make matters worse, one of my kids was really struggling, and she needed her Dad. I certainly had not been around enough for her, as I always had a “work thing”.

All of this led to the most scary, terrifying, humbling, and best moment of my life. I had to make changes to NOW!!!  I had been a slave to my business for too long and I needed the time to regain my health and the time to be with my daughter.

This made me look deeply into what was wrong with the business that Larry (my college roommate and business partner) and I had started.


It was always issues surrounding the technicians. For years Larry and I ran in circles just making sure the techs were not screwing up our business and our life. We could no longer grow as a business due to the tech’s limitations. We were constantly putting out fires.

We had so much energy drain, stress, and anger with the techs. We really hated to go to work each day. The problem was we had become so accustomed to living this way, we kind of figured that’s just how a blue collar service business should run. So many of our peers in the trades were living the same way. We thought it was normal.

Learn how Larry and I changed our business and our lives in the next email.


P.S.  My daughter is doing great now, and I get to spend all kinds of time with her.