​I Forgot To Mention 1 Important Detail Yesterday!

If you remember in the first email, I told you I had just had a heart attack and I had a kid who was struggling.

What I failed to mention was that while my business was in Southern California, my wife and kids lived in Utah…800 miles away!  Adds a little complexity, don’t you think?

So, now I was faced with the issue of changing my business so that the techs wouldn’t be the limiting factor, keeping my business partner Larry happy now that I needed to be home in Utah a lot more, and fix all the problems that were making our lives miserable in the business.

Holy crap…how the heck can I do this?

I sat down one day and hatched a plan to get the techs more involved and engaged, teach them how to do the things that Larry and I had built our company doing before we had technicians, and do all of this remotely so I could be home in Utah.

I had already been doing some “leadership” and goal setting training with the staff for a few years. I had been to several seminars and read a bunch of books and just regurgitated the info to my guys. It fell flat and they hated my lessons.

Therefore, I picked my brain as to what I could do to get them trained as we really wanted them to be trained. I realized that my teaching them the lessons of leadership guru’s did nothing for them. I needed to TALK TO THEM IN THEIR LANGUAGE. I needed to do just a little each day and I needed to tie the lessons into real life stories from the field. I realized the disconnect was that they were better at the technical aspect of the job than Larry or I ever were. Where all the problems arose was that they lacked the “soft skills” necessary to please the clients to the degree that we did.

Over time I developed a curriculum that was all catered to giving them the skills to make their day easier and more productive. The change to the daily lessons was that it was all about them. We decided that the most important thing for our company to continue to was to create happy, well trained techs to do the work…....and we did.

Oh, but I still had the dilemma of being gone in Utah a lot.

I will tell you more about that in tomorrow’s email.