The Moment the
Light Bulb Turned On!

I needed to be in Utah about 50% of the time for my family. I had neglected them for years trying to build my business and the time had come where that was no longer working.  Larry understood that I could do most of my job remotely. You see I ran the operations side. I could manage most of the various duties using modern technology, all I needed was my iPhone and a laptop and I was good to go.

However, the big fear was that we would lose the morning meeting progress we had made and it would all go back to the old ways.

At first, Larry tried to fill in for me. It just didn’t work though. Larry is great and my team loved him, but Larry is a marketer and he just doesn’t “speak technician”. Because Larry was not one of them, it did not resonate.  What to do?

Larry saw this very quickly and told me he needed to pipe me in remotely to do the morning meeting. For a very low cost we set up a video conferencing system and I would then run the meeting from my home, just as if I was there. If I could not be there live, I would pre-record the lesson, they would play it, then have a conversation about what I had talked about. That worked great and freed me up to deal with my family stuff.

That’s when the light bulb turned on for me.


The skills I was teaching my team are the same soft skills that are used at every blue collar service business, no matter if they do plumbing, electrical, home remodels, or have people delivering furniture.  The training would help any of those companies.

I didn’t do anything with that thought right away. I was in full Dad mode and also working hard at building our service business.  In fact, over a few years Larry and I made so much progress in our business that a larger competitor came to us and offered to buy us out.

We accepted that offer, and now were free to do as we pleased after all those years of struggle.

So what to do next?  I just couldn’t let go of my idea of helping other small business owners with my video lessons, so I talked Larry into starting another business to help people like you make your business more enjoyable and easier.

Find out the details tomorrow,