The impact of a Workout

When was the last time you got a workout and distracted yourself from work?  Your mind needs a break and breaking a sweat for an hour is great therapy for an entrepreneur.

The value of a good workout, in the gym, on a bike, running, shooting hoops, or any other training, is amazing!  You will be refreshed, thinking clearly, make better decisions, and have a better more productive day.

The Tech Whisperer teaches life skills, like these, to your techs so they are better with your clients.  What is the value of that! 

Let us help you have better technicians so you can have consistent workouts!

So how do you get the best technicians to work for you?

(Your 'Dream Technicains')

You reinforce, consistently, what they are expected to do.

You don't have the time do this?  We created a system for you.

  • You get great content the techs relate to every day.
  • They engage with real on site examples.
  • We have done this successfully.
  • We will show you what to do.

These are our short daily meetings which trained the technicians to be prepared and handle situations with the clients as experts.

Our Clients have great results with their technicians too.